How to find designer kids’ clothes on a budget

Love designer kids clothes but not the price tag? You can still clothe your little fashionista in designer duds without breaking the bank. Check out these wallet-friendly tips for scoring some name-brand kids’ clothes without going broke.

Mom shopping with little girl

1Buy bigger

Found a killer sale? Found markdowns that you just can’t pass up? Take advantage of savings for this year as well as next. “I make sure to purchase pieces that are one to two sizes larger,” says Linda, of For instance, you might pick up a warm winter coat for next year at a rock-bottom price at the end of this winter.

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2Clearance racks

You can buy clothing such as socks, underwear, tights, undershirts, and pajamas on clearance, because the print on these pieces typically doesn’t matter. Your little man can sport designer boxer briefs for pennies on the dollar when you hit the clearance racks.

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3Versatile pieces

The key to scoring designer kids’ clothes on a budget is to buy key pieces that last. Frugal Philly Mom’s advice: “Stock up on basic clothing pieces with solid colors and simple designs.” This will maximize the use your kiddo can get out of designer clothes, even if you do pay more than you’d planned for them.

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4Spread out your purchases

Designer labels tend to carry higher price tags, but that doesn’t mean you have to buy all the clothing at once. Try buying a piece of designer kids’ clothing here and there instead of all in one shopping trip. “What I’m doing is spreading out my purchases so I’m not spending all of my money in one shot,” says Frugal Philly Mom. You may find that it’s worth the wait when that outfit you’ve been eyeing for your little one goes on sale.

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5Scope out sample sales and warehouse sales

When your favorite designers open warehouse sales and sample sales to the public, you have access to clothe your entire clan in the same pieces you’d find in stores at way below retail price. Keep in mind that sizes and availability is limited to stock on hand, so get there early to get a hold of the best selection.

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6Plan for semi-annual sales

Same great clothes, same great stores, beaucoup discounts! Planning your designer kids’ clothes purchases for these scheduled sales can help you turn your wish list into a shopping spree.

If your designer kids’ clothes fund is burning a hole in your pocket, hit the outlet store of your favorite designer label. This way, you can pick up a few items on a budget without the guilt that the hefty price tag can bring. Bonus? That store is likely in the same shopping center as other retail outlets, giving you access to a ton of deals in one location. And that’s a savings you can bank on!


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