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Kids’ playroom design ideas

Having an area designated just for play is not only a kids’ dream — it’s a great way to keep toys from taking over your house. Looking for some kids’ themes that will inspire your brood’s creativity? Check out these fun kids’ playroom design ideas that will have your children’s imaginations soaring.

1Space Canopy TentWorldly play space

Your youngsters can explore the world without leaving home in a room filled with maps. Use maps of the world, countries and your hometown to paper one wall. Hang globes from the ceiling or intersperse among shelves and table tops where little hands can reach to spark their curiosity.

2Outer space place

Kids will blast off to fun in an outer space-themed playroom. Hang planets from ceilings painted with stars, or adorn the walls and ceiling with vinyl clings and glow-in-the-dark stars and planets. Add a rocket ship canopy tent your kids will love when they aren’t scoping out the universe through a kid-sized telescope.

3Underwater wonderland

Take undersea fun to dry land with an ocean-themed playroom. Paint the walls with sea life, plants and bubbles to coordinate with flippers and swim masks that hang decoratively on the wall. Then, adorn one wall with submarine porthole windows and watch your kids get submerged in fun!

4Childrens play storePlay house

Kids love to play house, so set up a playroom to mimic a real kitchen. Miniature versions of the appliances grownups use, such as small wooden tables and chairs, play refrigerators, and stovetops stocked with pretend fare set the stage for fun.

5Artist’s corner

With a little chalkboard paint and a few creative kids, a playroom can transform into a place where creativity is born. Add in some easels, marker stations and a clothesline for hanging works of art, and you may discover you have a Picasso in your midst.

6Play storeTo market, to market

Kids love to pretend to do grownup things, so set up shop and let his imagination go to town. Mini shelves can house play food and a toy cash register can ring it all up. Don’t forget the kid-sized shopping carts!

7Pizza parlor

Create your own “fire brick oven” and felt pizza-building station, and your kiddo will “bake” you up a pie! And, once you add in a counter and register, tall tables and chairs will soon be filled with friends waiting for their pretend pizza orders.

Expert TipsAlthough giving your kids a space to call their own is important, organization is still a key element to helping you keep your sanity when it comes to your kids’ toys. “Built-ins are popular as a means of keeping toys and things in place, retaining a neater appearance in the room,” says Gail Green, of Green & Company Interior Designers. That way, fun is the focus when your kids enjoy their very own playroom!

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