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Tips for finding discount toys

There was a time when toys were simple and reasonably priced, but today’s toys — even low-tech toys like building block sets and stuffed animals — are really expensive! Fortunately, you can find great deals on toys with these money-saving tips.

Mom giving toddler boy toys

1Use coupons

Most of us clip coupons for things like groceries, diapers and cosmetics, but we don’t often use them for once-in-awhile purchases like toys. You can find fabulous coupons for toys right at your fingertips! Online coupon sites have terrific money-saving coupons that you can print right from your computer and redeem in the store. Look for big savings on pricey high-tech toys and electronics!

2Scan weekly sales flyers

Check out the Sunday paper each week for sales inserts from toy, discount and other stores that carry toy items. Just about everything eventually goes on sale, so resist paying full price for toys. Be patient, use the flyers and score a great deal!

3Go online

When you’re shopping downtown or at the mall, it’s tough to find more than a few toy stores. But jump online and you’ll have dozens (and dozens) of toy sellers vying for your business. While it may seem overwhelming as first, online search engines and price comparison tools make it fairly easy to find the best prices out there on toys. And if you’re feeling competitive, go bidding at one of the popular online auction sites and find the toys you’re after for well under the average retail price.

4Hit the used shopping circuit

Buying used is not only good for the wallet, it’s good for the environment. Most kids tire of their toys long before they wear them out, and parents are willing to sell these gently-used items for pennies on the dollar (to make room for the next set of toys!). Check out local yard and garage sales, flea markets and resale and consignment shops. These shopping venues tend to have tremendous supplies of toys in excellent condition.

5Wait a season

Practicing delayed gratification can be tough — especially for a child who wants it right now — but you’ll save a ton ofmoney on the hot new toys if you just wait for them to cool off a little. We’re a competitive society and like to be the first to have the newest things. But if you and your child can wait it out, you’ll score fantastic deals (and avoidlong lines and pushy customers) when the excitement passes and you have your pick of the sales deals.

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