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Trends and decoration ideas for girls’ rooms

Need help designing and decorating a girl’s room? Whether your little lady dreams of performing on Broadway or escaping to her own secret garden, let her imagination inspire her room. Of course, you need to set some ground rules so you stay within budget, but do include her in decisions about paint colors and overall themes. This is her own personal oasis, after all! Check out these creative, whimsical decorating ideas to give your daughter her happily ever after.

Girls bedroom trends

1Live the fairy tale

Designers and artists are creating unique and outrageous “living fantasy” rooms for children. From sleeping on Cinderella’s carriage to rolling out of bed and strutting down her very own runway, your little girl has no end of choices based on what designers can do. Let your child use her imagination to figure out the room of her dreams, and let your designer take it from there. But be careful: With a room like this, she’ll never want to come out!

Looking for a lower-budget option? Carry out the room’s theme with movable canvas paintings, or opt for hand-painted wall murals and decals that you can peel off your child’s wall easily when she’s ready for a new look.


We’ve seen them grace boutiques and hotel rooms, but now, mini-chandeliers are making their way into the rooms of little girls, tweens and teens. They’re an inexpensive way to bling your daughter’s dream room. Go for pink or purple crystals for your girly girl, or choose clear crystals for a more sophisticated look. You’ll get more bang for your buck because mini-chandeliers can grow with your child, starting right in her nursery!

3Go glam

What girl doesn’t dream of living the glam life? The colors: pink and black. The fabrics: satin, lace and velour. Decorate a large mirror with theater lights to help her prepare for her next performance. Create her very own dressing room by sectioning off a corner of the room with a pink and black drape, complete with a moveable rack to hold her hottest fashions. Invest in a large black trunk that can grow with her through the years. Fill it with boas, high heels and other dress-up clothes and props. It’s showtime!

4A touch of whimsy

Create a feminine, whimsical room full of fairies and butterflies for your little dreamer. Set the tone for the room with lavender paint, then pair it with fabrics in creams and light greens. Add butterfly wall decals for an extra touch of whimsy. Select dark antique furniture that can grow with her, too. Lavender or cream bedding is sure to give her sweet dreams.

5Splashes of color

Spark your child’s imagination with warm and cheerful color combinations. Complementary colors such as red and green (in the right tones, of course) can give a child’s room a bold, elegant finish. Try pairing green walls with fabrics in greens, yellows and reds. Accent the green walls with a light yellow ceiling for a warm glow.

Don’t be afraid to use white, too. White furniture gives a girls’ room a cottage-inspired feel. Accent with soft pink and green accessories for a fresh, trendy, girly look.

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