Top tools to build an eco-friendly laundry room

If you’re looking for a way to save your family’s hard-earned money and lessen your carbon footprint, look no farther than your laundry room. By swapping out your standard washing machine and dryer for high-efficiency models, you’ll notice a savings in your energy bill and detergent costs. Learn how these energy-efficient appliances and tools can help your home go green.

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Eco-friendly shopping tips

As you scour the laundry aisles of your local appliance superstore, be on the lookout for the yellow EnergyGuide label. It details the product’s estimated energy consumption, how it compares to similar models and estimated annual operating costs. Also, check to see if the product has earned the Energy Star seal, which means it meets strict energy-efficiency guidelines set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and US Department of Energy.

Once you’ve identified a washer and dryer that meet the Energy Star standards, consider size. A large model holds more clothes but also uses more energy. Think about the size of your family’s average load, then select a size accordingly.

Opt for a powerful wash

Power it up! Despite what many people assume, selecting a green washer and dryer doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a powerful wash. For instance, Maytag’s Bravos X line touts its “power wash” — which combines higher water temperatures with extra cleaning and deep rinse power for impressive results. The power wash flushes out dirt and detergent remnants. Expect more stain-fighting power, too, thanks to the built-in water heater that increases wash temperatures to remove stains and soil. Compared to a pre-2004 conventional top-load washer, the Bravos X saves more than 70 percent in water and energy thanks to its “low-water wash system.”

A moisture sensor is a must

Though the Energy Star program doesn’t label dryers, experts recommend reducing your dryer’s energy use by selecting a model with a moisture sensor. This helpful feature shuts off the machine when clothes are dry, saving you valuable energy and keeping your clothes in tip-top shape. All three Bravos X dryer models include the GentleBreeze drying system with IntelliDry sensors to dry clothes quickly and prevent over-drying.

Eco-friendly tips and tools

Once you’ve selected a high-efficiency washer, it’s important to switch to a high-efficiency laundry detergent. Most brands offer high-efficiency products built especially for energy-efficient machines. Another green laundry option is dissolvable laundry detergent packs. Simply drop in a pre-measured, highly concentrated, dissolvable pack and let it do the dirty work!

From washing in cold water to giving your dryer a break and hanging your clothes outside to dry, check out these helpful hints for washing your clothes the green way. Plus, if you’re searching for other ways to help save the planet while also helping your bank account, read up on these important tips. Learn the best ways to clean your home naturally, and discover easy ways to save on your electricity bill.

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