Ways to make laundry fun for the family

The words “laundry” and “fun” don’t typically go in the same sentence. For most of us, laundry is just another chore on our endless to do list. Spice up your mundane laundry routine and involve your family by having some fun with it. Check out these creative ways to turn laundry time into family fun!

Mom and daughter hanging laundry

1Add music

Music can instantly add energy to any task. So turn up your family’s favorite tunes and sing, dance, and jump in between sorting, folding, and putting away laundry. Nobody will want to miss out on the family dance party!

2Don’t forget the dolls!

Most toddlers love taking care of their dolls or stuffed animals. Encourage them to round up their doll’s clothes so they can wash them with your help. Put the clothes in a mesh bag so they aren’t lost in the washer.

3Take it outside

If the climate and your yard allow, bring your clean laundry outside and let it dry in the sunshine. Let your kids help pin clothes to the laundry line while you all get a good dose of fresh air. Make it a competition—first one to get their laundry hung gets a popsicle!

4Soap it up

Got delicates? Make hand washing more fun by filling a big sink with soapy water and several of your child’s bath toys. Bring in a chair so your youngster can reach the sink, then splash and laugh while cleaning your delicates together.

5Decorate laundry hampers

Tired of the same old boring laundry hampers and baskets? Bring the kids together for a special hamper decorating project. Provide stickers, construction paper, glitter, posters, and other fun embellishments to help them personalize their dirty clothes hamper.

6Quiz time

As you teach your children about the laundry process, quiz them every so often. There’s nothing like friendly competition to inspire learning. Add an incentive like a new board game or book for additional encouragement.

7Take your best shot!

Turn sorting laundry into a game of skill by having your kids toss their clothes into the appropriate hamper from a distance. Not only will they learn how to sort, but they’ll also perfect their jump shot!

8Catch up

In the hectic hustle and bustle of our daily lives, we don’t get much time to sit down and chat with our children. Whether you’re matching socks, treating stains, or folding clothes, take the time to ask your children questions and engage in conversation. Who knows, you just may end up looking forward to laundry time!

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