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Fashion Week predictions: Spring/summer 2011

It’s coming: Fashionistas everywhere are taking their vitamins and stocking up on stilettos. September is about more than school starting and the leaves falling: It also welcomes in the year’s biggest week in fashion. Here’s a peek at the experts’ predictions for New York Fashion Week, Spring/Summer 2011.

new york fashion week highlights fashion trends

What’s out?


“Fashion ideals, trends and styles all go through their appropriate cycles. The past three to four years, we’ve seen an exorbitant amount of embellishment, sequined jewels and beading all over bags, shoes, dresses and everything in between. But this past February in the Fall 2010 Runway Show, we saw that this stylistic concept has passed its tipping point, and has spiraled into a downswing. Consequently, the exact opposite starts to make an upswing,” says Laurie Bruckner, an image and style consultant.

fashion week spring summer 2011What’s in?


“This September, as the spring 2011 runways make their statements, minimalism will be top on the trending list,” says Bruckner. That means simple silhouettes, clean lines and softer color palettes. True original saturated color has been on a downswing, and tertiary colors and their variations are making a stand mixed into the neutrals that are reigning strong on the color spectrum.

The Shades

Soft, pastel, metallic

“Olives are trending, and I suspect greens will be even bigger this coming spring 2011,” says Bruckner. In the print world, we will be seeing softer patterns, abstracts and softer graphics. Most importantly, while metallics are still relevant, they are evolving. We will begin to think of them in terms of soft and pastel metallics. “Think natural earth colors — metallicized!” Bruckner says.


In the big scheme of things, think big fashion toned down. This will probably be the most wearable season for the masses yet. Our pockets are thinner — meaning online and offline shopping is weaker, and our demand for something new now is stronger. “We need fashion that we can understand immediately and get our hands on fast. The fashion world is changing, and for this upcoming spring 2011 season, that will be a trending topic more than ever,” says Bruckner.

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