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Five must-have fall hair styles

Whether it’s color or cuts, there are fun and fabulous hair trends on tap for fall. We consulted internationally recognized industry stylist, Edward Blum, on must-have styles for fall and how to create them. Get ready to get primping! 

Modern ponytail

1Classy ponytail

This timeless hairstyle should be worn low and softly off to the side to create a simple yet spectacular look this fall. To achieve this look, pull hair from a loose pony and slide it to the side of your choice. Hair length does not particularly matter, although for shorter hair using clip on extensions to achieve the best look is a must. You can also purchase a weft of hair from your local extension retailer to add extra fullness and length to the pony. To get more of a sophisticated look, wrap a small section of your hair around the hair tie.

2Waffle waves

This look is about a thick loose natural wave that is very complementary and embraces your girlish side. Starting with damp hair add a small amount of styling gel all over. Gather and section your hair into 6 small parts. The front of your hair should be parted in the direction you would typically wear it. Braid each section, keeping it 4 to 5 inches away from the part. The key is keeping the braids very large. Smaller braids will create more of a crimped look. When hair is fully dry, disband and run fingers through entire head.

3Organic stone inspired color

To achieve the best possible color, a professional should perform these techniques. For blonds and cooler blonds, a multi-dimension balayage method would be ideal this fall. This means that your stylist designs and places multi-colored highlights and low lights to produce a granite or slate stone color effect.

4Side braid

This will work with any size or shape of the braid. For more of an impact a very large loose braid works best. Plates woven from one side of the head bandaging the front of the hair is a popular choice. Braids will be everywhere this fall.

5Short haircuts

Very military inspired androgynous short hair pairs beautifully with today’s high fashion styles such as the tuxedo inspired look for women and blazers with high shoulder pads. This cut starts with a barber taper neckline, very short sides and the top being one length. Unlike last season, the asymmetrical bold and edgy look is fading quickly i.e., Rihanna. This season short cropped sides, and long top rounds the look. Hair can be worn slicked back or soft and forward, as you like.


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