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You want me to wear what?

The desire to be at the pinnacle of style doesn’t dry up when we become moms; however, practicality — and the need to run after screaming toddlers — mean we have to adapt the latest styles to fit our demanding lives. Here’s how to make this season’s daring fashion trends a lot more life friendly.

Fall 2010 trends for moms

Mom-friendly fall fashion trends

1Focus on legs

From jean leggings — jeggings — to thigh-high tights for day to decorative ankle socks with booties, the focus is on the legs. Each of these looks has one common ingredient: plastic! Plastic, in the form of nylon, Lycra and Spandex, adds the stretch to leggings, tights and socks, and helps them stay up and hold their form wear after wear.

2Leggings: The gotta-have staple

Jeggings have more Lycra and Spandex built into them than normal leggings do, making them more durable for the on-the-go mom yet still fashionable.

3Knee- and thigh-highs for everyday wear

On your next date night, throw on a white or beige pair for a fun way to accent your skirt, shorts or dress.

4Socks with shoes no longer a faux pas

Pair some ankle or mid-calf socks with man-style flats (such as lace-up oxfords) for a female dandy look, or with heels for downplayed glamour. Even better, they keep feet warm on chilly nights.

5Cargo pants

Imagine a reality in which you can be on trend without changing a thing. “Fatigue cargos and flowing tops will be abundant in the coming season. I am pretty sure we moms already know how to rock these,” says celebrity stylist Andrea Behar. “Fashion is ageless! With the right attitude, a mom can wear any new trend,” she adds.


“Fur is in this season. Pair a fur vest with jeans, but leave your sneakers at home,” says Behar.


“No need for hot pants or mini skirts here. Pair a sequined blouse with a pair of high-waisted camel slacks and call it a day,” Andrea says.

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