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How to set up WiFi in your home

Gone are the days of having to sit at your computer desk to access the Internet. With the help of wireless connections, you may now access the Web from just about any point in your home. All you need to do is set up your WiFi network – no cables, cords, or plug-ins required. Our tips will help you get the most out of your WiFi at home experience.

Woman on wifi internetStep 1: Do you need WiFi?

If you have multiple computers, laptops, and people looking to access the Internet on a regular basis, WiFi is probably a good option for you. You won’t have to worry about plugging into one port, sharing one computer or having to wait for someone else to stop perusing Facebook. WiFi basically allows you to access your Internet connection from multiple computers or entertainment systems (PS3, Nintendo, Xbox, etc.) at any given time.

Step 2: Hook up your wireless router

Plug your wireless router into your Internet modem. A good test to make sure that you have a strong wireless signal is to use a laptop and try to pick up the signal from all areas in your home (including outside) from where you may wish to access the Internet. If the signal is weak, try to move the router to a more open space.

Step 3: Change your settings

Once you have the router all set to go, open an Internet browser and set up your security names and passwords. This will prevent other users from “piggybacking” on your wireless connection, so be sure to pick tough to guess usernames and passwords.

Step 4: Test out the connection

Once you have your configurations and passwords all set, test the connection throughout your home.

Step 5: Connect your entertainment systems to your WiFi

One of the greatest things about video game and entertainment systems now is the ability to connect online and play with others. Once you have your WiFi set for your home, turn on your gaming system, make sure the network adapter is active and that wireless abilities are on your system. Next, for most systems, look under settings and select Internet Connection. Select the wireless settings and the system will ask you for the network name (or the SSID) then instruct you to type in your password.

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