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Fabulous fall garden decorating tips

During the fall growing season, empty spaces tend to pop up in the garden. Some plants and flowers may not have grown as large as you expected or some just didn’t survive the blazing summer heat. Don’t despair! These fall decorating tips will help you fill in those empty spaces with items you may already have around your home.

Woman in Fall garden

For some empty garden spaces, a temporary filler may be all you need for the rest of the growing season. This allows you to take your time deciding what late-bloomer you’d like to eventually plant in that spot for next year’s fall garden. Or you may simply wish to fill that space with various outdoor décor items to create your own autumn oasis.

1Gardening styles

Garden ornaments help shape a garden’s space and are the ideal solution for empty spaces during the fall. They add personality to a garden and come in a variety of sizes and colors to complement almost any garden style. Just remember to remove the temporary ornament before winter, so the plant it’s filling in for will grow in the spring.

2Add whimsical character

Give your casual or country-style garden a bit of whimsy with colorful scarecrows or adorable animals made from ceramic or metal. Use unique objects found around the home, such as crockery jugs or quirky signs to add character to the fall garden. You might also consider displaying a collection of watering cans or birdhouses in a group to fill an empty space and add interest to the fall garden.

3Give your garden class

Large urns, pillars, pedestals, sundials, classical statuary, stone benches and fountains can all add a touch of elegance to a formal garden — and can be seen even better in a fall garden.

4Make a contemporary statement

Modern outdoor works of art can turn a garden into an ultramodern landscape. Make a statement with life-size sculptures and use colorful ornaments for a strong visual impact.

5Create a natural setting

Place earthy elements such as large rocks and logs in the garden to suggest a natural setting. Wooden garden décor, such as a twig-branch chair, would likewise be at home in this garden style.

6Display potted plants

Autumn is a great time for container planting. Vacant garden spots are easily fixed by inserting a potted plant — container and all. Potted mums are a popular autumn filler choice, as are container-raised annuals. Choose plants with colors that complement your fall garden and add panache to the spot with beautiful ornamental pots. For example, if you have a Mediterranean-style garden, large terra-cotta pots filled with marigolds and nasturtiums are ideal companions.

7Fill in with seasonal plants

Secondary plants are sometimes the best fillers for dormant plants. That spot that used to be home to an early-flowering bulb or perennial could also be home to a late-blooming plant in the fall. Planting annuals in a bare spot each year, either by seed or transplant, is another excellent seasonal filler idea.

For additional seasonal flair, tuck pumpkins, squash or gourds into those empty spots in autumn yards. And keep in mind that whatever you decide to do, enjoy the season and be creative as you celebrate the bounty of fall in your garden.

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