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Types of closet organizers

If you can’t find your favorite little black dress or even a pair of shoes in your closet, it’s time to get organized. Many kinds of closet organizers are on the market, from professionally installed closet organizing systems to affordable do it yourself organizers. Here is a rundown on a various types of closet organizers.

Neat and organized closet

1Shelving units

You can save a lot of room in your closet with a good set of shelves. Many of your clothes don’t need to be hung up, but you also don’t want to tuck them away in your dresser drawers. T-shirts, tank tops, and casual pants may be folded neatly and placed on shelves. Shelves are easy to install with some tips from your home improvement store.

2Hanging bags

Canvas hanging bags can be a lifesaver. They are designed to hold anything that you don’t want to put on hangers. These canvas hanging bags are available with pockets, shelves, and even drawers. They conveniently slide onto your closet bar so installation is a snap.

3Valet rods

A huge space saver, valet rods are usually installed onto the side of a shelf in a closet. The rods pull out to provide extra hanging space. You can find valet rods at Walmart, Home Depot, and other popular retailers. Also, when hanging your clothes in your closet, don’t use plain old wire hangers. Not only can they damage clothes, clothing can easily fall off of them, making your closet messy. Instead, use sturdy wood or plastic hangers.

4Shoe boxes

Don’t just throw your shoes in the bottom of the closet. You’ll never find the pair you are looking for and they are more likely to get scuffed or damaged. Clear plastic shoe boxes are a terrific way to keep your shoes organized. You can stack them in the bottom of your closet or on the top shelf. If you don’t have enough room inside your closet, get a shoe bag with see through pockets. These closet organizers hang over the back of the closet door and allow you to see your shoes easily without having to search.

5Plastic bins

If you have a small closet, it may be necessary to pull out your seasonal clothes when you aren’t wearing them and store them away. Get plastic bins that are large, yet shallow enough to fit under your bed. You can find bins at your local container store or superstore for just a few dollars. Store away sweaters and boots during summer months and swimwear, sandals, and shorts during the winter. Plastic bins are one of the most affordable closet organizers.

6Custom closet systems

Many companies allow you to design your own custom closet organizer online. Your design is reviewed by professional designers, then built and shipped. You install the custom closet organizer system yourself with a few simple tools. Though this can be pricey, you can build your own dream closet.

7Professional closet renovation

If you have the cash to spend, give your closet a major overhaul with a professional renovation. Keep in mind, it could cost thousands of dollars depending on the type of material used and how elaborate you want your closet to be (remember Carrie’s amazing closet in Sex in the City: The Movie?).

More ways to organize your closet

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