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Tricks to wake up to better skin

Imagine waking up in the morning to fresh, healthy looking skin instead of a tired, aged face that reminds you of the years of all-nighters and lack of sleep every time you look in the mirror.

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Wake up once again, to that healthy glow with simple tricks to sleep your way to better skin.


At the top of every dermatologist’s list of great skin must-dos is to wash your face before you go to bed. Starting with a clean slate that is free of dirt and oils gives your pricey night cream a fighting chance to actually produce the results you’re going for by allowing it to penetrate deeper. Plus leaving makeup on as you sleep can clog pores, irritate skin and lead to breakouts. Check out our cleanser picks:

2Ditch dark circles

Dark circles are the second most common dermatological complaint (just after acne) and are the most common non-hormonal skin problems. Although dark circles under eyes aren’t usually a sign of exhaustion or serious illness, they can make you feel old, unhealthy, and tired. To lose them, dot on an under eye cream containing vitamin K and retinol before you go to bed. Vitamin K can help strengthen capillary walls so dark circles and veins become less visible. Product pick: Skyn Iceland Icelandic Relief Eye Pen ($20), which minimizes dark circles and reduces puffiness while revitalizing the under-eye area.

Tips for concealing dark circles


Many things get better with age like fine wines and Sarah Jessica Parker’s hairstyles, but unfortunately our skin is not on this list. As the years pass, skin loses collagen changing the skin’s texture to look more weathered. Choose an anti-ager with vitamin A derivatives. Since exposure to sunlight can deactivate the retinoid’s potency, it’s best to apply at night. Start by using a cream or lotion containing retinol every other night until your skin becomes acclimated to the side effects.

4Hello, hydration

Plump and condition your skin to help disguise signs of aging and prevent further damage. Due to nighttime increases in temperature and water loss, extra hydration is a must – both from drinking enough water and moisturizing daily. “Keeping skin moist from the inside out is a simple, relatively inexpensive, and quite effective moisturizer,” says Sheldon Pinnell, M.D., a researcher at Duke University. Keep a bottle of water with you constantly so you rememebr to stay hydrated.

When it comes to choosing a moisturizer, for best results, look for a cream with the super hydrating hyaluronic acid, which attract water to the skin. The extra dose of softening also makes wrinkles less noticeable in the morning.

5Cut down on alcohol

Ever seen a puffer fish? That’s what the effects of over-imbibing can mimic on our skin. Alcohol can lead to dehydration to the point where skin holds on to any amount of hydration that it can, particularly around the eyes and face where fluids are most easily accessible. Try and cut down on the number of drinks you consume; if you do partake in a few too many, be sure to drink as much water as you can and try sleeping propped up on a few pillows to cut down on the puffiness.

6Sleep on your back

Smashing your face into a pillow creates fold lines that eventually become permanent if they’re repeated every night. Spending time on your back also helps counter the effects of gravity that accumulate during the day. If you are a diehard side sleeper, consider sleeping on silk pillowcases, because silk is much slicker than cotton, and can help you avoid permanent wrinkles that form from sleeping in a certain position.

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