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5 Celebrity secrets to flawless skin

Having flawless, radiant skin is a standard for celebrities both on and off the red carpet. While most celebrities make the grade for great skin when it comes to photo ops, there are a select few who would look just as great without make-up or air brushing.

5 celebrities, along with a Hollywood dermatologist, share their secrets to beautiful skin at any age, no matter what your background.

1Ashely GreeneSunscreen

Dr. Will Kirby, a California based dermatologist, says that a broad-spectrum sunscreen is imperative. When looking for a new sunscreen, Kirby suggests you select a formula that has a minimum SPF factor of 30. Who better to agree than one of the most recognizable vampires in the world, Ashley Greene, who plays Alice Cullen in the megahit movies that make up “The Twilight Saga”? Greene, who has recently been signed as the face of Avon’s Mark Cosmetics, says she wears sunscreen everyday, as well as under eye cream.

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