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Tips to make your lips look the fullest

Even if your lips are but a sliver on your face, a few tips, tricks, and some old-fashioned TLC and you’ll have people wondering if they’re yours, or Angelina Jolie’s!

Woman applying lip gloss

Okay, not really. But there are some easy, surefire ways to create the illusion of full, sexy lips with or without the pout!


Lips are actually just an extension of your skin so it’s important to care for them the same way you do the skin on your face. Here’s a quick, easy tip for exfoliation: Take a clean, dry toothbrush and rub a bit of Vaseline onto the bristles, then gently brush in circular motions around your lips to smooth away rough spots. Exfoliation actually helps to create that perfect pout and preps the skin so that the lipstick goes on much smoother.


Without moisturizing, getting the perfect pout is virtually impossible. “You really have to be a lip-conditioner junkie,” says Gordon Espinet, vice president of Makeup Artistry for MAC Cosmetics. Feel free to slather on a lip balm full of moisturizing emollients like beeswax or glycerin, as well as good-for-you vitamins like the antioxidants C and E when your lips are clean and exfoliated. Don’t use too much if you plan on applying lipstick immediately after, but this should become part of your bedtime routine.

Line your lips

Carri Fink, a member of Pamela Taylor’s Make Up Studio and Academy Team, says many women use lip liner around the inside of their lip, which actually can have the opposite intended effect by making the lips appear smaller or unnatural. Instead, using a flesh tone liner just slightly on the outside of the lip will better accentuate your lip shape to give you the full lip look that everyone loves!

Brush it on

Now that your base is there, find a great shear color that is complimentary to your skin to use as your lip color. Find a lip brush for this part of the application to prevent feathering and to ensure that the color goes on smoothly and evenly.

use lip gloss

Bring on high-gloss glam with your favorite lip gloss or lip shine! For the perfectly, pouty lip illusion, apply lip gloss to the center third of the bottom lip and in the Cupid’s bow to create a fuller lip look for the top.

Don’t try and reinvent the wheel, learn how to use what you’ve already got – just played up a little! These tips can make anyone’s lips look full, sexy and ready for kissing!

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