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Best cleaning product buys


Scouring supermarket shelves for the right product to clean your space can be overwhelming, but all you really need are a few general cleaning products that will satisfy all of your cleaning needs.

Woman with window cleaner

1Dish soap

Whether or not you have a dishwasher, dish soap is one of the most important cleaning products to have in your house. Not only does it work to bust the grease and grime from your dishes, it also may be used with hot water and a mop to clean your floors. As an added bonus, if you opt for a soap that smells particularly delicious, you can skip purchasing candles and potpourri!

2Window cleaner

No one wants to look out a dirty, grimy window when they come home from work, which is why having window cleaner on hand is so important. Made specifically with dirt/dust/oil-busting ingredients (like ammonia), buying cleaner specifically for windows will help give them a streak free shine. As an added bonus, window cleaning products can be used on mirrors and faucets.

3White vinegar

If you’re going for an all-natural cleaning solution, white vinegar is an absolute essential product to have on hand. Mixed with water it acts as a natural disinfectant and can remove stains from almost anything – glass, windows, stainless steel, carpet, etc. As an added bonus, it’s completely nontoxic, so you don’t have to worry about using it around children.

4Baking soda

Another all-natural cleaning product to have stocked on your shelves is baking soda. This magnificent marvel can be used to wipe odors away from any space, including the refrigerator. Mix it with water to get a deep cleaning paste for pots, pans, and drains.


Nothing can compare to the cleaning power of detergent. It removes stains from clothes and helps them stay fresh and clean smelling. Newer versions have even been specifically formulated for use on all sorts of fabrics, including cotton and lace.


Though harsh, bleach is a handy cleaning product to have in your home. Mixed with water it’s one of the only cleaning products that can remove hard-to-clear stains from white surfaces. It also works to disinfect, something that’s particularly handy during cold and flu season. Use it to get your laundry free of stains, too.

7All-purpose polish

Every home has some spaces that need some extra polishing every now and then, which is where an all-purpose polisher comes in. Generally safe for use on all sorts of surfaces – tile, wood, steel – these surfaces not only buff out stains, they also add an extra layer of protection by staving off stains and marks down the road.

8Disinfectant spray

Germs are everywhere in a home – the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom. That’s especially true after someone’s been sick. The only true way to kill them is to use a disinfectant spray that guarantees some hardcore germ-busting power.

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