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Fall must-haves: Hats, hats, hats

From beanies to bowlers to berets, hats aren’t just to keep your head warm. This fall, hats are chic, essential accessories in every woman’s wardrobe. If you’ve never been a hat person, now’s the perfect season to change. When shopping for a hat, try it on and look in the mirror from all angles to find the best style and fit for you. Try one of these trendy hat styles this fall.

1KnitKnit cap

At the Nicole Miller show, every runway model was wearing a basic black wool knit cap. And though you might not be willing to wear a beanie with your business suit or cocktail dress, you can take some inspiration from the show. Knit caps are easy to wear and affordable (you can pick one up from Old Navy or Gap for about $5). They’re a terrific way to keep your head warm and can hide frizzy, flyaway hair. Perfect for casual wear, a knit hat goes great with your favorite jeans and sweater this fall.

2ClocheColorful cloche

The cloche is a bell-shaped, fitted hat that was originally popular in the 20s but has re-emerged in recent years as a popular choice for women. For fall, look for cloches in bold colors and soft fabrics. The cloche is often accented with ribbons, feathers, crystals and other feminine embellishments. Wear it casually or or as a nice complement to more dressy attire.

3Funky fedora


This season, borrow a fedora from his closet and make it your own. The fedora is typically made of felt and is recognized by its pinched front and crease along the crown. Sometimes, the fedora is worn tilted downward over one eye for a sultry look. Men from Indiana Jones to Brad Pitt have worn fedoras, but in recent years, women have picked up this popular hat. If you aren’t sure how often you are going to wear it, there’s no reason to buy an expensive, new fedora. Head to thrift shops, estate sales and consignment stores instead. There, you can find high-quality hats at a fraction of what you would pay for a new one.

4Wool beret


Wool, cashmere and other knit berets are ideal for fall. These round, flat-crowned hats can be worn toward the back of your head, pushed forward or tilted to the side. Slouchy berets are available at most department stores and come in a variety of colors, from neutrals to brights. Don’t pull your hair up into a beret or wear this hat tightly on your head. Instead, keep the look casual and relaxed. Many celebrities have been spotted in berets in recent years, from Rihanna to Mary Kate Olsen.

Whatever type of hat you wear this fall, wear it with confidence. Have a little fun and embrace the hat trend.

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