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5 Ways to wear a scarf

Scarves keep you warm, look chic and are one of fall’s must-have fashion accessories. Most people just wrap scarves around their necks and head out the door, but we’re here to tell that they’re missing out. You can wear a scarf in so many different, stylish ways! Here are five fresh ways to put your scarf to good use.

Woman with scarf

1The slip knot

Fold a long scarf in half lengthwise. Wrap it around your neck and slip the loose tails through the looped end. You can wear the loop high or low, depending on your own personal preference and how cold the weather is. The slip knot is easy to wear, and your scarf won’t fall off.

2The reverse wrap

Drape a cashmere or other knit scarf around your neck backwards. In other words, the center of the scarf should be against your neck and the tails hanging down your back. Take the tail that is over your left shoulder, bring it across your back and over your right shoulder. Repeat with the other side. You can leave the tails of the scarf hanging on each side of your chest, or tie them in a knot.

3The twizzler

Twist a long, lightweight scarf tightly until it coils up like a Twizzler. Loop the scarf around your neck and tie it in a simple knot on either side. This look is a terrific way to add some texture to a basic scarf.

4The belted scarf

Sometimes, women wear scarves as belts, but this is totally different: You are going to belt your scarf. Place a long scarf around your neck with the tails hanging over each side of your chest. The scarf should be long enough that the tails are at least hip-length. Cinch a wide belt around your waist (and over the scarf). The belt holds the scarf in place for a unique, fashionable look.


paris hilton headband scarf

The bad hair saver

If the fall weather is causing a bad hair day before the day even starts, don’t fret: A scarf can be the answer to your hair dilemma. Instead of wearing your scarf traditionally around your neck, wear it as a head wrap. Simply fold a silk scarf to your desired thickness and tie it around your head like a headband, with the knot in the back. Or for something more dramatic, pull your hair into a low ponytail, and then fold an extra-large square scarf diagonally. Place the folded edge of the scarf at your hairline. Cross the tails of the scarf under your chin, and then tie them in a loose knot at the back of your head.

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