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Amazing colors and rich textures: What’s hot this fall

Once again, it’s time to tuck your shorts and sandals back into the closet, and break out the sweaters and boots. This fall, look for clothing and accessories in amazing colors and rich textures. Fall fashions can be bold and glamorous, structured and ladylike, or comfortable and relaxed. This year, they’re all that and then some. Let’s take a look at what’s hot for a cool autumn.

Fall fashion trends

1Anne Taylor Loft Houndstooth Suit JacketMenswear-inspired looks

You can’t go wrong with tweed trousers, houndstooth coats, plaid skirts and vested pantsuits this fall. If the cut or fabric looks like you borrowed it from his closet, then it’s definitely “in” this season. Don’t dress yourself head to toe in menswear, however. Instead, mix in feminine pieces to soften this look. For the office, a romantic, ruffled blouse with a pinstripe suit incorporates both hard and soft in one outfit. And don’t forget the shoes. Menswear-inspired oxfords get dressed up with heels and ribbon laces to put a ladylike twist on these classic favorites.

2Colorful accessories

If most of your winter clothes are black or grey, add some color to your look with bold accessories. Gloves and hats won’t just keep you warm; they can make your outfit pop. Opera-length gloves in rich shades of purple and green will spice up your evening, while leather or suede gloves in mustard, fuchsia and cobalt are sensational choices for everyday wear. Keep your head warm and look cute, too, in beanies, cloches, fedoras and other hats this season. As with gloves, you can stick to the neutrals — black, gray and camel — or venture into bright colors to add a little funk your look. Thigh-high stockings and tights in fun shades are also terrific ways to put a little flavor into your wardrobe.

3Artsy prints

The flirty florals of summer are replaced by artsy prints this fall. Tops in abstract patterns along with graffiti’d pants are hot choices when not overdone. Proenza Schouler, Tory Burch and DKNY managed to pull off this look on the runways of Fashion Week, and you can do it right, too. Don’t dress in prints from head to toe, though: Choose one statement piece and wear it with grey or black for real emphasis.

4Mohair sweaterTexture mixes

For fall, you’ll see fur, fur and more fur. (If you are anti-fur, then faux fur will do.) But fur isn’t the only fluffy, shaggy fabric you’ll find in stores this season. Mohair sweaters, cashmere coats, feathered skirts and fuzzy ponchos are everywhere. These textures are glamorous yet relaxed. Don’t be afraid to mix textures this season. A slouchy cashmere sweater, velour pants and a fur-trimmed bag can’t be beat.

5Fab, functional outerwear

When the weather cools down, your outerwear becomes almost as important as what you are wearing underneath. For something traditional, a camel-colored wool or cashmere car coat is the perfect option. If fall is rainy in your neck of the woods, consider a belted, waterproof trench coat in a fun color, such as metallic silver or hot pink. Fur vests are certainly a luxurious choice this season. And for something dramatic, consider a hooded cape or poncho. Leather motorcycle jackets are still on trend but are more form fitting this year, with cinched waists and cropped silhouettes.

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