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How to get sexy Brigitte Bardot hair

Kristin Larson

Brigitte Bardot, the French movie-star bombshell, was known for sexy, bedroom hair. Even today, it’s the kind of hair that dominates fashion magazines and runways. It’s also the kind of hair that any woman would kill for. Here’s how to make the look your own.

Brigitte Bardot

Sexy, glamorous brigitte bardot hair

Like the classic bob, big Bardot hair never went out of style, says celebrity stylist Sally Hershberger. “It’s still modern and sexy,” she says. “After all these years, it still looks amazing when it’s done right. I love this style.”

Its timelessness has to do with its sexiness. “People always want to look sexy, and this style is all about a sexy, glamorous look,” says Hershberger, adding that a lot of clients request the look at her salons. “Who doesn’t want full, voluptuous hair? That’s why the style still works.”

You don’t have to visit a salon to get the look, however. Hershberger says all you need is 15 minutes, some rollers and a blow dryer. “Anyone can pretty much carry this look off. Ideally, it’s best suited for long, thick, wavy hair,” she says.

brigitte Bardot hair how-to

1Prep your hair.

After you shampoo and condition, “Start with one of my style primers, such as the Supreme Head Style Primer, $12.50, to give hair body and guts,” Hershberger says. “My Style Primer gives this style amazing hold without adding weight. You need product to help hold this style or it won’t last.”

2Blow dry hair thoroughly.

Then, “Use some hot rollers (such as Remington Solutions Rollers, $19 at and then brush your hair out,” she says.


“Lots of teasing helps add body,” she says. Use a teasing comb such as Diane Comb Teasing Comb , $9 for a 12-pack at If you have thin or fine hair, add a few clip-on extensions to add body and fullness and then tease, Hershberger suggests. “If your hair is really thick, make sure it’s layered to help with the weight of the overall look. If your hair is one length, it will fall flat.”

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