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2-in-1 Cleaning and organizing ideas

Think it takes hours to get your house looking spic and span? With some smart time-saving tricks and tips, you can tidy up and tuck away clutter in just minutes.

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Oven cleaner

Wash the oven and the grill at once

Whether you’re cooking indoors or out, Carbona’s new 2 in 1 Oven Rack and Grill Cleaner can banish build-up on your cookery. Drop oven and grill racks in the bags, pour in the cleaning solution, close the bag and shake it. For best results, let it sit overnight and rinse with water in the morning.

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Put your junk in the trunk

A clunky trunk in your bedroom can double as a storage unit and a place to sit. Use it to store keepsakes, extra blankets or winter clothes. Dress it up with some fabric, or leave it looking antique. You can also use it for displaying pictures.

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Clean dishes quicker

Save time rinsing off pots and pans with Scotch-Brite’s Greener Clean Soap Loaded Scrubbers. They include dish detergent so you don’t have to squeeze it on yourself. Bonus: they’re made from 100% recycled material.

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Windex's Outdoor All-in-One Glass Cleaning ToolGive your windows star treatment

Windex’s Outdoor All-in-One Glass Cleaning Tool lets your wipe away smudges and stains on your windows without having to dry them afterward. Simply spray the outside of the windows with water, wipe them down with the pad — which comes with a 11-foot high handle, if needed — and rinse off the solution.

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Divide your drawers

Dresser drawers resemble purses — if they lack organization, you’ll just dump a whole bunch of stuff in there without rhyme or reason. Instead, try drawer dividers made from a material such as sheet acrylic. Glue them to your drawers to better sort your belongings. Use one section for envelopes and index cards, another for nails and thumbtacks, another for sewing supplies, etc.

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Throw it under your bed

Forget what mom said about keeping clutter under your bed — it’s the perfect location for it. Have an old or unused drawer laying around? Place rollers on it and slide it under the bed to store shoes, blankets, board games and anything else you desire. Just make sure to take measurements first to ensure the drawer fits.

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Scotch-Brite's Shower & Bath ScrubberBrighten up the bathroom with one product

Ditch the four or five separate products you usually use to clean the bathroom and try Scotch-Brite’s Shower & Bath Scrubber. In addition to featuring an extendable handle to scour the shower, it can wipe countertops, cabinets and mirrors, too.

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Hang it up

Want to decorate white space on your walls while saving room on countertops and drawers? Consider wire and wicker baskets for storing small items. You can also line them with fabric and tuck away foodstuff such as garlic bulbs and basil bunches. For papers and bills, portable hanging files might do the trick. You can even doll up the look with some paint or attach your child’s latest school project to the front.

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Perfect the patio in a cinch

Still trying to straighten up before the barbecue guests arrive? Cut down on patio furniture cleaning time with Windex’s Outdoor Multi-Surface Concentrated Cleaner. Attach your hose to the bottle and blast your tables, chairs and playground equipment. You only have to let them soak for 15 seconds and then rinse down with water. How easy is that?

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