10 Quick cleaning tips that cost less

Maintaining a household can be a full-time job, especially when it comes to cleaning. The process seems to take forever, and there are just as many cleaning products available as there are surfaces to clean. If you use separate products for each task, you could be throwing away a significant chunk of money (and time). You can make cleaning a less painful process for your schedule and your wallet by using these 10 quick tips that cost less.

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1Citrus peels

The oils found in citrus peels are natural deodorizers. Every time you peel an orange, use a lemon or eat a grapefruit, don’t throw the peel in the trash. Instead, toss the peels in the garbage disposal with a handful of ice to freshen up the drain and get rid of any funky smells.

2Baking soda and water

Instead of buying scouring powder or a chemical cleaner for your tubs, showers and sinks, mix baking soda with a little water to make a paste. This mild abrasive is an excellent tool to clean up stains and buff away grime — and it’s so inexpensive.


Marketing efforts will have you believe that soap scum on your shower walls and doors can be defeated only by a pricey cleaning product. Not so. Mix some vinegar and water into a spray bottle and watch the soap scum run.

4old socks

Fancy dusters look impressive, but it’s not necessary to spend so much money to eliminate dust. Blinds are a clean-freak’s worst nightmare because dust settle into their every nook and cranny. The solution? An old sock. Dip it in vinegar and wipe it along the surface. This trick also works great for ceiling fans.

5Lemon juice

Are you frustrated by the mildewy smell coming from your washing machine? Run the hottest cycle available using a cup of lemon juice rather than detergent. Then, wipe the inside of the washer with vinegar. The smell should dissipate quickly.

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