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Fun ways to make fruit kid friendly

Want to turn your kids into fruit fanatics? Fruit kabobs, fruit sandwiches and fruit rainbows are a just a few fun recipes recipes they’ll have a hard time refusing.

1. Magic wand fruit kabobs

Magic wand fruit kebabs

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Give a child some berries and they’ll eat a few. Give a child a stick and they’ll eat berries by the bowlful. Something about threading berries and watermelon stars onto a skewer makes these magical fruit wands irresistible.

2. Edible art: Toothpick and fruit sculptures

Edible art: Toothpick and fruit sculptures

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Fruit, cookie cutters, washi tape and toothpicks are all you need to make these adorable stacked fruit sculptures. You’ll feel like the most “Pinteresting” mom on the block, and the kids will gobble up their fruity creations.

3. Fruit and yogurt popsicles

Fruit and yogurt popsicles

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You can put just about anything into an ice pop and most kids will eat it. (Seriously. Have you seen these pea pops?) In this recipe, frozen fruit and yogurt form the base of these colorful summer popsicles.

4. Frozen yogurt-dipped berries

Frozen yogurt dipped berries

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Dip fresh strawberries in Greek yogurt then pop in the freezer. Three hours later, you’ll have cold, sweet treats for the kids to enjoy.

5. Fruit shakes

Fruit shakes

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What kid doesn’t love smoothies and shakes? Start with a base of frozen bananas and milk or yogurt. Add honey to sweeten, then blend in any other frozen fruits you have on hand.

6. Fruit sushi

Fruit sushi

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This fruit sushi is (almost) too pretty to eat, but too delicious not to. Click through for step-by-step instructions to make strawberry and kiwi sushi balls, strawberry sushi rolls and banana and peanut butter sushi rolls.

7. Homemade fruit roll ups

Homemade fruit roll ups

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Skip the artificial colors and flavors and make your own sweet fruit roll-ups. All it takes is fresh fruit, sugar and several hours to bake in the oven.

8. Fruit sandwiches

Fruit sandwiches

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These bite-size sandwiches give fruit the sweet treatment with pound cake “bread” and a splash of fresh whipped cream.

9. Blueberry sorbet

Blueberry sorbet

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Don’t own an ice cream machine? No problem. This berry sorbet is made in the blender, and with just four ingredients, it’s a snap to prepare.

10. Fruit rainbow and lemon dip

Fruit rainbow and lemon dip

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Kids love to eat rainbows. That’s a fact. Try this trick with fruits or vegetables and stand back for a major snack attack. If you’re serving with lemon dip, give the kids mini wooden skewers to spear and dip their fruit bites.

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