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How to make last-minute travel a breeze



Step 6: get Destination basics.

If your trip was so last minute that you didn’t get a chance to plan out a complete site-seeing tour, use the time en route to create a “hit list” of the places you would like to check out.

Step 7: check local sites.

Hyper-local websites are great to visit for recommendations and ideas on places the locals of the area prefer, as well as what tourists suggest based on recent visits.

Step 8: Check your budget.

Just because your vacation planning may have been impulsive does not mean that spending should be, too. Know exactly how much you have budgeted to spend and try not to go over. Use cash or consider a prepaid credit card to curb your buying habits.

Step 9: have an emergency fund.

Be sure to have a way to pay for emergencies that might occur while you are away from home.

Step 10: find the discounts.

Look for local coupons, email discounts and airline mileage that you could use to pay for some miscellaneous entertainment while you’re away.

Remember the basics and relax. Sometimes, it’s those unexpected last-minute trips that turn out to be the best travel experiences!

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