6 Beauty tips to simplify your morning

Mornings can be madness — so here are some simple beauty tips and skin care tricks to help you get out the door looking like you spent hours in front of the mirror. These six beauty secrets will pamper you, but they won’t pull you away from your day.

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1Beauty tip: Hydrate at night

Tops on our list of morning beauty tips: Lather your skin with a deep moisturizer before bedtime. You’ll wake up with soft skin that’s a perfect canvas for quick makeup application. Dry skin is difficult to cover and can take precious time away from your morning routine. If you’re still battling with dry skin, try these tips to get rid of dry skin.

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2Beauty tip: Set your hair

Invest in a set of curlers. It may seem old school, but ladies back then knew a thing or two about beauty time savers. Shower at night and set your hair while it’s still wet, before you go to bed. You’ll wake up with a dry mane that’s incredibly full. All you’ll need to do in the morning is finger comb your tresses into place.

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3Beauty tip: Get the red out

You know that Visine gets the red out of your eyes, but did you know that it gets the red out of skin blemishes, too? Just put a dab on a zit, and it will look less inflamed, making it easier to apply your makeup. A pre-treatment of Visine will make your coverup process far shorter or maybe even unnecessary, depending on your skin.

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4Beauty tip: Pull double duty

Look for products that can be used in two ways. The time you save cleaning makeup brushes or washing your hands between applications can add up. Your lip gloss might make for a nice blush. Smudge your eyeliner around your lid for a makeshift shadow. Wipe the extra facial moisturizer you have on your hands into your hair for some frizz control.

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5Beauty tip: Overnight application

Try the prescription-strength antiperspirants that are applied at night. You’ll cut down on the underarm swipe time in the morning. More importantly, because the antiperspirant will already be absorbed, you’ll completely avoid those horrible white streaks on your black clothes. All that time you’d spend scrubbing away that chalky whiteness will add up.

Remove chalky white deodorant from clothing quickly by rubbing the stain with pantyhose. This will remove all the surface whiteness, and you can get out the rest of the stain in the wash by adding a little white vinegar to your laundry.

6Beauty tip: Get organized

Keep your makeup area completely organized, with high-use products within easy reach. Line up your makeup brushes in the order you use them. Put medications in a daily pill organizer. One quick organization session will prevent you from searching for that lip gloss, accidentally putting on highlighter with your navy shadow brush, or struggling with a child-safe cap.

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A few small changes in your morning beauty routine can open up your mornings so you’re free to do things that are more important… like enjoying the culinary wonder that is a Pop Tart.

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