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10 Beauty shortcuts for busy mornings

Looking for a way to simplify your morning beauty routine? Apart from going natural, here are 10 beauty shortcuts that will get you from bedside to outside in no time flat.

Woman applying lip gloss

Top 10 Beauty Shortcuts:


Get a makeup box.

A makeup box is easy to grab when you have to take your beauty routine on the road. It also keeps your beauty products organized to help shave off morning prep time.


Designate a beauty basket.

Fill it with the last-minute stuff for which you find yourself scrambling around the house every morning, such as accessories and moisturizer.


Prep the night before.

Coordinate your beauty products with an outfit you pick out before you hit the sack to remove bleary-eyed indecision from your morning rush.


Use eye lift cream at night.

This will help firm up the skin around your peepers, making sleep a part of your beauty routine.


Use pure shea butter.

Pure shea butter provides luxurious, effective head-to-toe hydration. “It has no oils, is not greasy and is a great moisturizer that gives the right hydration even in the hot weather,” advises Richard Cacace, skin care expert, owner of Body Beautiful Spa & Laser Center, and creator of Richard Cacace Skincare Products and “It can be used on the face and all over the body.”

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