Trend alert: Faux bois

Faux bois is one of my favorite trends of the moment. When it comes to trends, we all know how to incorporate them in fashion, but how do we take a home decor trend and realistically incorporate it into the home? After all, a purchase for the home is usually a larger investment than a new dress. I always talk about accessorizing as being the best way to express yourself; it is also the best way to take a risk and experiment with new trends.

Faux bois: THe latest home decor trend

I’ve recently seen it in design shops all over: faux bois, French for false wood, imitates the look of real wood and was all the rage in 1930s and 1940s modern design. Today, you can find faux bois wall coverings, place mats, vases and more — all with a fun and contemporary twist.

Robin Baron’s faux bois favesFaux Bois Urn

Faux bois urn

This impressive resin piece can be used as an umbrella stand, waste basket, kindling container, or as we do in my office, storage for architectural plans. It can also serve as a fabulous vase or centerpiece, especially if you have a large console or dining table. When you find yourself getting tired of it as an integral part of your décor, you can move it to your garden and use it as a planter. Made by Oly, the urn stands 16 inches high and has an 8-inch diameter. It’s available through selected retailers.

Michael Aram vases

In oxidized copper and polished aluminum, these bark vases are stunning; though a trend at the moment, they are a classic addition to a home. Michael Aram acquires most of his design inspirationFaux Bois Mirror from natural foliage from around the world, so it is no coincidence that he is included in my short faux bois list.

Faux bois mirror

Also by Oly, this mirror is great for an entrance or a powder room where your guests can see it and love it. It stands 54 inches high and has a width of 34 inches. The white resin frame gives a visual point of interest. Just imagine how great a vibrant color would look behind it, like a bright flamingo pink or sea foam green. Even a muted neutral wall color would look more interesting with this mirror in juxtaposition.

Throw pillows

If you don’t want to invest too much money into adapting the trend, CB2 has very affordable and stylish black and white, faux bois throw pillows. These will add a little punch to your living space or bedroom.

Wall coveringsWallpaper

Not your grandmother’s wallpaper, Flavor Paper makes its own rules when it comes to wall coverings. Today, options abound when it comes to wallpaper; you no longer have to cover an entire room. Like Flavor Paper, make your own rules! You can choose an unusual design, like this faux bois wall covering in peacock, royal, penny or pale gold, and install it on just one wall or a section of a wall. You can also frame a piece of wallpaper and use it as art on the wall, or line the back of a bookshelf to update your look.

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