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Top green cleaning products


Conventional cleaning products are often petroleum based and harmful to the environment. They also contain irritating toxic chemicals that can affect health adversely. Most people don’t realize that the air quality in their homes can be five times as polluted as the outdoor air in some of the most congested and polluted cities! Changing our cleaning products to green or eco-conscious products is not only good for the environment — it also betters our health. It is an easy change we can all make.

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Top Tips & product suggestions for cleaning green

Basic H2Shaklee

Shaklee, eco-friendly pioneer and one of my personal favorite companies for cleaning products, started making its biodegradable products in 1960. The company’s phosphate-free Basic-L® laundry powder and phosphate-free Basic-D dish powder are both exceptionally effective and toxin free. My favorite product is Shaklee’s Basic-H2. An extremely versatile cleaner, this product can be used on floors, walls, furniture, glass windows, mirrors, appliances, woodwork and even delicate fabrics. Basic-H2makes it simple and easy to clean almost any surface in your home safely, without chemicals.

Seventh GenerationSeventh Generation

Seventh Generation is another one of my favorite go-to companies for green cleaning. Found in most health food stores, Seventh Generation offers disinfectants, laundry powder, household cleaners, household paper products, dish cleaners and even products for babies, such as chlorine-free diapers and baby-safe laundry detergent. This company also makes it part of their mission to educate the public on healthy living. The 7Gen Blog is a great resource for all things related to cleaning and living naturally.



Method products are easy on the environment and extremely accessible; they can be found in almost any supermarket. These non-toxic, non-hazardous cleaning products — such as their Daily Granite Surface Wipes for stone counters — are assessed by Dr. Michael Braungart, founder of the Environmental Protection and Encouragement Agency (, to ensure each is safe for the environment and for household use. As a bonus, the company’s package designs are cheerful, sleek and smart. You’ll love what they do for your home, and you’ll love the way they look.

Other companies

Among the offerings of other companies, I look for cleaners made from citrus and plant-based oils. Natural oils can degrease and disinfect; plus, they have a great scent. Also, keep your eyes open for non-chlorine bleach. Chlorine-free bleaches use oxygen to whiten and work just as well as the bleach you may be used to.

You can green your cleaning practices just by changing your products — and you will feel like you’re making a difference. Happy green cleaning!

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