Closet organization must-haves

Opening your closet can give you an inspiring boost or a paralyzing panic. If your closet is out of control, how can you have a clear-minded morning or focus on your to-do list? Closet accessories are the key to organizing and making the most of your closet space.

Top 6 tips to organize your closet

1Valet rods

This is my most important closet accessory. I can’t put too many in any closet, and I personally can’t live without them. Valet rods are installed on the bottom or side of a shelf in a closet. The rod pulls out, giving you extra hanging space. These are great every morning when you are deciding what to wear, planning your wardrobe for trip, or just throwing your clothes on when you don’t have time to put any away. They just make life easier.


Hangers may seem like a no-brainer, but most people don’t give enough thought to them. To maximize your closet space and make you feel good each time you open the door, find one style of hanger and use it for everything. You can fit more clothes in your closet when the hangers sit closer together and shapes don’t fight each other. You also get the added bonus of a good-looking closet. One of my favorite places to shop for hangers is They have a great assortment to fit many budgets and closet needs.

3Belt and tie racks

You can see verything on a belt or tie rack at one time, saving precious morning minutes. I prefer the pull-out styles for easiest access. You don’t have to be literal, either; you can use these for whatever you need. I use mine to hang scarves and small purses as well as belts.

4Foldaway closet ladders

Get to those hard-to-reach shelves at the top with a foldaway ladder. I love it because it folds up to an incredibly thin 2-1/4 inches, making it easy to keep in your closet.

5Storage boxes

If you don’t have built-in shelves and drawers in your closet, storage boxes can really help organize the space. Storage boxes also present an opportunity to add a bit of personal style to your closet. For a sleek, contemporary look, I like Muji collapsible storage boxes. When the boxes aren’t in use, they fold flat, saving valuable space.

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