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Mini spa treatments

The New York Palace The New York Palace (New York city)

The New York Palace Spa & Fitness Center offers 25-minute treatments with five types of massage therapies (restorative massage, aromatic hot towel massage, reflexology, arnica muscle rejuvenation, and neck and shoulder massage). All range between $100 and $110. The shorter services are popular with the busy professionals who frequent this spa. A quick lunchtime treatment (and even a brief workout) is an easy way to take a short break from the city’s hectic pace.

According to the ISPA, 46 percent of member spas are seeing an increase in shorter (30 minutes or less) treatment bookings, and 86 percent offer such shorter treatments. As the economy continues to be an issue for many of us — but the desire to look and feel great remains — this seems to be a trend that will continue!

bring the spa home

DIY Spa day

Dont let your budget keep you from enjoying a relaxing spa day. Kim Danger shows you how to create a rejuvenating facial treatment and aromatherapy simply by using everyday household items.

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