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Building your own cat furniture

Although we always want the best for our beloved kitties, sometimes pet furniture can simply be too expensive. In addition to the expense, storebought bed furniture is often not the right size, color or style to work well in the home. Building your own cat towers, napping beds, scratching pads and scratching poles can be an easy, inexpensive, and fun way to add some joy to the life of your favorite furry friend.

Kitten scratching

Building a scratching pad or pole

If your cat has his or her own scratching spot, she will be less likely to use your furniture and carpet for this purpose. You can use corrugated cardboard to make an easy and inexpensive scratching pad that your cat will simply love.

Scratching pad

Use a box lid, such as the lid from the boxes that reams of paper comes in.

  1. Measure the length and depth of the box, then use a utility knife to cut strips of cardboard in those same dimensions.
  2. Stack the strips and place them on end in the box lid, packing them in tightly until no more strips can be added.
  3. You can tie a piece of natural twine around either end of the box to help stabilize the cardboard strips if you’d prefer.

Cats love scratching their claws on the exposed edges of the corrugated cardboard, especially when you sprinkle it with a bit of catnip. The resulting scratching pad is lightweight, inexpensive, and you can simply throw it away and make a new one when it becomes worn.

Scratching pole

If your cat prefers a scratching pole, you can make one by attaching a piece of wood or a piece of the large round cardboard tubing that carpeting comes on to a sturdy wooden base. Covering the post with a carpet remnant or coiled rope will make it very attractive to your cat. You can even suspend a small toy from the top of the pole for added kitty appeal.

Creating the perfect cat bed

Cats simply love warm places to curl up and take a nap. Instead of purchasing a pricey kitty bed, make your own with fabric scraps.

  1. Cut two large circles of fabric, then place them right sides together and sew along the edges, leaving an opening for the stuffing.
  2. You can stuff the bed with fiberfill, a large round pillow form, wood chips, or scrunched up plastic grocery bags to make a warm bed your cat will love.
  3. After adding the stuffing, sew the opening closed. Or, use Velcro if you’d like to remove and refresh the stuffing from time to time.

Making the ultimate cat tower

With a little bit of planning and some wood, carpet and cardboard carpet tube scraps, you can make the ultimate cat tower. Start by getting ideas for cat towers by looking at pre-made models at pet stores. Since most cats love to climb, plan on making your tower with several levels, ramps and cubbyholes.

  1. Use a piece of plywood for the base, and attach 2’x4′ sections and a piece of cardboard tube cut to size for the tower’s framework. Be sure to include a few flat platforms at the top for napping.
  2. Once the framework has been built, use carpet scraps to cover the sections, which will give your cat a convenient place to scratch his claws and climb.

Your feline may not care if you buy or make her furniture by hand, but you can appreciate making your cat furniture because it will not only save you money, it will perfectly match your home décor.

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