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Update your look with unused items: Spend nothing!

When your look needs a lift but you don’t have the cash to spare on new products or a trip to the spa, why not use what you’ve got?

Woman going through closet

Recycle your closet

Take a product or tool that you already have and give it a new purpose! Scour your closet for any seeming “unwantables” and ask yourself: Can I use this old piece of ribbon and Grandma’s butterfly broach to create a vintage looking necklace? Maybe I can…

Here are some of my favorite ways to save money on clothes and fashion accessories!?



You know that lotion you got three Christmases ago from your sister that sits unopened in the abyss of your bathroom closet? The one you haven’t used because you don’t especially want to smell like a warm apple pie? Instead of letting it rack up a fourth year, why not slather some on your tired summer feet before bed and top with cotton socks – your tootsies will thank you for the moisture, and feet that smell like pie is probably ok.



Speaking of moisture – try using your hair conditioner as a body wash, for a new dry skin remedy. The conditioner accomplishes the same thing as lotion, and saves you time in applying after your shower



Hair brush looking tired? Take a pair of pantyhose that you’ve recently totaled and use it to clean your hair brush. It’s quite simple – cut a section of the hose big enough to cover your brush, press it down over the bristles, and lift up, taking the debris with you.


Get crafty

Now that mom bought you the new Oneida flatware set for Christmas, what do you do with the old stuff? Stick a few spoons in the freezer. Pressing the backs gently on closed eyelids and can decrease puffiness. Or wrap a black ribbon around a large spoon handle and bend, to create an edgy bracelet. Flatware never looked so good!



If you aren’t a huge tea drinker and have honey that sits in your pantry virtually unused, try combining a bit of it with Vaseline for a homemade chap stick. Your lips will shine and feel fabulous


Assess your accessories

Can a scarf turn into a belt? Can a necklace be wrapped three times and turn into a bracelet? Get some music going for inspiration and explore the world of your closet. Try cutting off the fingers of those strange gloves Aunt Betsy gave you that you vowed never to wear. They might look more chic than you thought



Who says that layers are only for winter time? Try layering two tank tops or a pair of leggings under your skirt, for a little change.



Grab a friend and gather all of your mutually unused nail polishes – the ones you bought on a whim that just don’t work for you. Check out a local children’s hospital, or have a nail painting party for your little sister or daughter, and her friends. Giving your time, smiles, and energy is always the best beauty solution of all.

Video: recycle old jeans

Here’s how to recycle old jeans into a pair of cute sandals.

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