Short hair: Cut your hair short and love it!

Are you considering cutting your hair short? Summer is the best time to take the plunge. Cutting your hair can be liberating – but scary too! Before you head to salon to chop off your long locks, check out our tips for cuts, products and more.

Woman with angled bob

The hairstyle trends

Monica Kremer with Heaven and Earth Salon-Spa has styled NY Fashion Week, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, celeb chef Michele Malin, and a number of other notable personalities and events. So she knows a little bit about hair!

Kremer says, “Angled bobs are in, minus the Victoria Beckham tightly stacked back.”

The great thing about bobs is the cut can be gradually tapered or it can be dramatic. It just depends on the look you prefer.

Hair Accessories

Jennifer Behr Headband

How can you change up your short hairstyle? Hair accessories! “I recommend a jeweled or floral headband,” explains Kremer. “It’s worn best with either a side part, or directed back with some height at the crown.”

Headbands are all the rage for summertime. Whether you like hippie-style ala Nicole Richie, sophisticated satin headwraps or something in between, you are sure to find it. Jennifer Behr offers a fantastic selection of headbands. Celebrities from Lady Gaga to Maggie Gyllenhaal have been spotted in her designs. Floral hair clips, mii barrettes and crystal bobbypins are also essential this season.


Short cuts with heavy bangs are also trendy this summer. This hairstyle looks fab when you pin the hair back behind your ears and slightly curl the ends. The heavy bangs are a good choice for women with thin hair, offering the illusion of fuller, thicker locks.

To change up the look of this style, the bottom few inches of hair can be “flipped out” by using a round brush when blow drying.

Quick Tip
If you dare, go ultra short this summer with a pixie cut and wispy bangs. Before make a drastic change, upload your photo to a makeover website such as, or to “try on” some possible hairstyles and see what looks best.

By using the right products, you can change your hairstyle from conservative to funky to “messy” without missing a beat.

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