15 Fun, fabulous cosmetics

You’re never too old to play with makeup! Here are some cool, new beauty products that should take the chore out of your makeup routine.

1 Give your basic black eyeliner a break and try out a fun and playful eyeliner with color and sparkle. This Too Faced Glitter Eyeliner ($17.50) will make your eyes pop and sparkle. It comes in 10 different colors, including bright pink and blue, so have a little fun with your eyes! Too Faced Glitter Eyeliner
2 For the ultimate glossy lips, MAC Superglass Lipgloss surely does the trick! The glosses are intensely shiny and sparkly, which is great for making your look pop ($18).
3 If you are looking for makeup that will stay on even while you’re in the pool, try out Tarte Matte Waterproof Bronzer from Sephora ($29). This all-natural bronzer is waterproof and will give you a glow that lasts all day.
4 Blue eyeshadows are great for adding color, and this Givenchy Le Prisme Unique Eyeshadow ($29) is the ultimate. You can have various shades of blue every time you use it — that’s versatility that a solid color palette can’t offer.
5 For a fabulous blush, O-glow by Smashbox ($26) is one of the most fun we’ve seen in a while. It’s a clear gel that turns into a perfect pink glow that you can apply just with your fingers.


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