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Would you put Diet Coke on your nails?

Coca-Cola recently announced the launch of its latest marketing venture – a Diet Coke you can wear on your nails.

A refreshing take on “The Real Thing”?

Do you look at Diet Coke and think “fashion”?

Yeeeeah… neither do we.

But that’s apparently what the big boys at Coca-Cola Corp want us to think next time we crack open a cold one. The soft drink company has partnered up with London’s Nails Inc. to produce four limited-edition nail polishes to be sold at Boots locations across the UK.

The shellacs come in four different colors, each named after the world’s fashion centers –  London, Paris, New York and Milan – and will be available until June 30. Thirsty for the Diet Coke City Collection but don’t live in the UK? You can find them at (you’re welcome, we guess).

Honestly, the only correlation we can see between Diet Coke and nail polish is that they’re both calorie-free… and taste like paint.

But it begs the question: Would you pay to wear Diet Coke on your nails? Comment below.

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