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Lose 10 pounds in 10 minutes with sunless tanner!

Can you eliminate the appearance of cellulite or appear thinner as a result of an airbrush tan? While the application of a tan cannot literally make you lose weight in 10 minutes, it certainly creates the illusion of a more slender look. Airbrushed sunless tanning is specifically contoured to an individual client’s body shape and masks the appearance of cellulite.

Khloe Kardashian

Tricks of light

I once heard someone famous say that sex is a matter of lighting. Well, airbrush tanning is a quick and effective way to control the reflection and depth of light that illuminates the skin. By contouring, we can enhance the natural beauty of some areas, such as like the legs, abs and butt, and create shadows in areas you’d rather conceal from direct light (parts of the thigh, for example) without having to cover them up. This creates the illusion of a toned, slender look, and you will feel sexier.

For those trying to maintain a more athletic look, I generally apply more tanning solution rather than less. Some people express concern about appearing too dark upon leaving the salon, but you shouldn’t worry; the tan will lighten after you have showered a couple of times.

airbrush tan prep

Of course, it’s really important that you follow the pre and post-tanning instructions to get the best results.

Before the tanning session

Before you go to your session, make sure to remove all makeup, body lotion, deodorant, jewelry and sunscreen. You want to have a dry, clean “canvas.”

During the tanning session

I walk clients through the steps, addressing any problem areas. We can go darker on the thighs or under the arms, for example, to minimize those areas.

After the tanning session

Do not shower for eight hours to give the tan a chance to absorb and set properly. Then, for the next five to seven days, you must moisturize three times a day to prolong the tan and ensure an even fade. Sundara’s Coconut Body Butter and Watermelon Tan Extender really help the results last.

Do-it-yourself body contouring

If you don’t live near a salon offering this service or want to try doing it yourself, I recommend using a face powder brush or a cosmetic sponge with a handle to apply sunless tanning lotion. While some people like to use tanning sprays at home, things can get very messy and difficult to control. Applying lotion with a brush or sponge lets you see where the color is going. Just don’t use your palms, or you’ll get the telltale orange hands!

If you’re looking for a quick way to fake losing weight or look more toned, check out an airbrush tan. It may not be permanent, but it’s a lot easier than dieting!

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