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How to convince your man he needs to wax

Hairiness is part of being a man — we get that. But sometimes men can be, well, too darn manly. In some cases, a little less hair can make a man a whole lot easier to love. And we really just mean a little less, not hairless. A touch of wax in some key places can make a world of difference. Most men won’t jump at the opportunity to go through a painful beauty regimen to solve a problem they didn’t even know they had, though. Here are a few strategies for convincing your guy that a tiny bit of hair removal pain would lead to a whole lot of gain on his part.

Man with unibrow


Going for a wax

If your guy is a little squeamish about waxing, he’ll probably be more apt to comply if you offer to wax with him. The partner-in-crime aspect may be helpful, but we’re guessing that your getting a Brazilian will work more as a reward. This will double your costs and cut down on your US Weekly reading at the salon, but it’s probably the most effective method for convincing your boy to wax.

Compliment attack

Making small changes

Instead of nagging him about how gross his hair is, appeal to his vain side (even the burliest of men has one). Tell him that he’s the handsomest man in the world. You couldn’t imagine there ever being another man more attractive. In fact, the only person who could beat his hunk factor is himself, if he waxed those brows. A little pandering to his ego might be all it takes to push him toward the salon. If you’re subtle enough, he might even think the hair removal was his idea.

Everyone else is doing it

Honey, you’re not alone

Sometimes, rationalizing things the way we did in grade school still makes sense. This is one of those times. If your guy is waffling on the wax question, a list of other men who are into it could be just the push he needs to take the wax plunge. And you won’t have to look far to find hunky men who wax. Just about every guy in Hollywood has gone under the spatula. If he takes a trip to the salon, he’ll be one step closer to looking like Brad Pitt, Mario Lopez and Penn Badgley — and one step further from looking like Ron Jeremy. Use whichever sell you think will be more convincing.

Bait him

There’s something in it for you too!

If there’s anything to be learned from reality television, it’s that prizes can persuade people to do anything. Use that knowledge in this negotiation. Promise him something in exchange for his painful hair removal. Try something like, “Honey, if you wax your back, it’ll make me want to give you back rubs more.” Or, “A smooth chest might mean more trips to the beach for us, and I just got that new red bikini you love.” Dangle whatever carrot you have in your arsenal that will get him galloping to the salon.

No matter what tack you take, be gentle with him. We all remember our first waxes, and they’re not exactly happy memories. Give him two ibuprofens beforehand, and have a fun treat in mind to show him how grateful you are that he underwent this strange self-torture just for you.

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