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Make over your man in 7 days

Ladies aren’t the only ones who need updated looks from time to time. If your guy is next in line for a makeover, here’s how to help him revise his style from head to toe — one day at a time.

Makeover your manDay 1: Hair

“Suggest a hairstyle that flatters his face,” says Godfried Addae, owner and image consultant at The Urbane Gentleman, “Most men think they know what works, but they are merely copying their dubuddies or maintaining a style from years back.” Addae tells the guys, “There are [lots] of styles, but pick one that fits your personality and your style, as well as your profession.”

Day 2: Eyes

Switching to contacts or simply updating a man’s eyeglass frames can do wonders for his look. Dr. James Hoff, owner of the new Hoff Optometry and Eyewear in Venice Beach, explains: “In selecting eyewear, go for a shape that is different than your facial shape. If you have a strong jaw or cheekbones, round and oval frames may look best. With rounder faces, a frame with more angles will probably complement your features. Geek or bold chunky styles are really current right now, but don’t choose a style over something that complements your particular looks.” Even if your guy doesn’t have poor vision, he probably wears shades. Hoff continues, “With sunglasses, remember that, often, a lens that is a little lighter still allows the opposite sex to see your eyes while you’re wearing them. The eyes are the window to the soul, but you have to see them first.”

Day 3: Teeth

Achelle Dunaway, creative director of e.l.f. Cosmetics, suggests improving smiles all the way around during a makeover. “Comment on how you think Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (or any celebrity) have the sexiest, whitest smiles and recommend you both doing whitening strips one night to get that Hollywood sex appeal!”

Day 4: Shave

“Manscaping (shaving below the neck) is a relatively new trend (in the last century) that is being more widely adopted, especially by those who are in their 20s and 30s,” says Sarah Baron, creator of If the razor scares him, Dunaway suggests an alternative. “For an at-home hairless approach that’s ouchless, stock up the cabinet with some Nair to remove unwanted chest hair for a beach-ready bod.”

Day 5: Skin

Just because he’s a tough guy doesn’t mean his skin needs to be. Dunaway suggests replacing his old basic gel body wash in the shower with a new exfoliating wash and loofah. “This will help soften any rough areas for silky-smooth skin,” says Dunaway.

Makeover your manDay 6: Attire

Addae discloses the most important key when shopping for a new wardrobe: “The secret to a polished look is fit! No matter what he is wearing, if it doesn’t fit, it will still look sloppy. As much elegance as a suit represents, if it’s too baggy, it just looks like an elegant mess. Left to their own devices, men will buy clothes that are either too large or too small. This can make us look heavier than we really are. While you are shopping, always grab a size lower and higher than what he selects and have him try on all three. He might be surprised to learn that he looks better in a different size.”

Day 7: Feet

The male mani-pedi has been growing in popularity, so treat your guy to a couples’ day at a day spa. As for shoes, Addae reminds the gentlemen, “A guy doesn’t need a million shoes to stay sharp. Just take care of the pairs you have. Removing scuff marks and adding polish can make them look as good as new.”

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