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How to find your perfume personality

Choosing a perfume is like finding the most flattering hairstyle for your face shape or the cutest jeans for your particular butt. It should suit your personality. Here’s how to figure it out.

woman spraying perfume on wrist

What’s your perfume personality?

Finding a fragrance that fits you can be difficult.

Which statement best describes you?

With the multitude of new fragrance launches each year and the abundance of over-the-top fragrance advertising, it’s important to understand the different categories and notes available in fragrances today. With this knowledge, you can better choose a perfume that blends the perfect story between you and the fragrance, and projects your personality traits to others through the power of scent.

Memory associations

We often like a perfume because of an emotional or sensory tie that reminds of us something we love – so it’s important to look for a perfume with notes that align with places and activities we enjoy. Choosing a fragrance with reminiscent qualities and ingredients will lift your spirit each time you wear it!

There are five major categories of perfumes: Woody, Green, Floral, Fruity, and Oriental. Each has specific notes and evokes different places and feelings – you’re sure to find one or two categories that call out to you. Arm yourself with this info before you go perfume shopping and you’ll know the key things to look for, narrow your search and find the best scent to enhance your personality.

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