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New haircolor? Change your makeup!

Changing your hair color is a fun way to change up your look, but did you realize that changing your hair color also gives you the liberty to try out a new makeup look, too?

Makeup to match

Next to skin tone, your hair color makes a huge difference in the makeup shades and styles you can pull off. It’s similar to dressing to complement the weather of the seasons – the way the light plays off different hair colors can lead you to the best makeup color schemes to try. Colors that look great on you as a brunette could give your face a muddy, low-watt tone as a blonde. The warm browns and corals that give Julia Roberts such a glow when she’s sporting dark locks would look out of place when she’s wearing her hair on the lighter side.


Like spring, fiery redheads (especially those with fair skin and freckles) should try bright and airy shades. Sheer greens on the eyes and dewy apricots for cheeks and lips are the perfect match! Make sure your makeup look is crisp so as not to ‘muddy’ up your sexy freckles! Check out: Clinique’s Color Surge eye shadow trio in Rainforest and Lorac’s Baked Matte satin blush in Plush.

Charlize Theron


Summery golden blond locks surround your face with light. Play up your golden highlights with iridescent, shimmery shades. Look for a balance of color – blondes want to bring their face to life with makeup, but not overpower their lighter overall look. A gorgeous highlighter for Charlize Theron blondes is Smashbox’s Artificial Light Luminizing Lotion in Flash.


Gals with rich autumn brunette hair can pull off the most vibrant hues – think plums, burgundies, reds, and metallics! Brunettes have a bit of free reign when it comes to colors – their hair frames the face and most shades of makeup well. Try Benefit’s Plum Mascara or Sephora’s shimmery eyeliner in Golden Sand.

And like the dark shades we wear in winter, if you’ve dyed your hair a deep brown to black shade, amp up your inner vixen with smoky charcoal or navy eyes and pale pink lips and cheeks. Focus on one feature (like a smoky eye) and make it dramatic and noticeable, but keep the rest of your look sparse. Benefit’s PosieTint gives a slight lift of pink color and can be used on cheeks and lips.

Kim Kardashian with brown hair

Gray hair

And what if you’re embracing your gray hair? Silver foxes fear not. I recommend keeping your look sheer, subtle and pretty. Try pewters and lavenders on the eyes and golden pinks or apricots for the cheeks and lips. Pay extra attention to your brows with a pale blond brow pencil – it’ll give shape without too much pigment. Aim for radiant and luminescent! Try DermaMineral’s light reflecting Breathable Coverage foundation and Vanitymark’s Ultra-Brow pencil in Blondest.

More tips…

Any other factors to consider? Your hair tone is important, too! Gals with ash (cool) undertones in their hair have different makeup shade strengths than golden toned mavens. You really want to complement your overall tones to create uniformity. For example, anyone can rock a classic red lipstick, but a beach blond should try a coral, tawny red while a platinum blond should stick to blue-red shades. A fab warm red is YSL’s Silky Sensual Radiant lipstick in Red Muse. A gorgeous cooler toned lipstick is Dior’s Addict High Shine lipstick in Flamenco Red.

Still unsure? I always suggest looking at pictures of your favorite celebrities. Are you the same hair/skin coloring as Eva Longoria? Check out her many red carpet looks and really pay attention to the makeup tones she favors. What works and what doesn’t? Chances are the same looks will work for you!

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