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How to minimize flaws with makeup

Making the most of your features with makeup is easy. But what if you have a feature you feel is too bold? Here are a few makeup tricks to help you downplay features that aren’t your favorites, like a prominent chin, thin lips or droopy eyes.

Reese Witherspoon

Tricks up your sleeve

Who doesn’t love amping up lashes, shining the lips and giving cheeks a glow? Making the most of your features is pretty easy and very fun.

But what if you have a feature you feel is too bold — something that throws off the balance of your face? The tried-and-true advice is to ignore damning parts and play up the positive. Good advice, but hardly in step with today’s beauty control climate.

Here are a few ways to downplay features that aren’t your fave!

A prominent jaw

The key here is to use nothing luminizing along the jaw line. You don’t want an already full-bodied area to catch any more light. Keep foundations and tinted moisturizers on the satin or matte side and invest in a second face powder one shade darker than your regular all-over color (not a bronzer).

Step 1: Apply shadow

Brush the darker powder from your jawline to just under your cheekbones. This is a very subtle way to recede the whole area. Keep it a fleshy tone within your spectrum. You’ll be tempted to go even darker, but don’t. It will look obvious and won’t photograph well.

Step 2: Apply highlights

To bring the jaw into balance, add a touch of highlight along the top of the cheekbone, from apple toward the temple. This brings your cheekbones to center stage.

Product recommendations: Loreal’s True Match powders make it easy to find your best all over color and the “trick up your sleeve” deeper shade. Benefit’s High Beam highlighter is great to give cheeks a dewy sheen.

This is a great trick for someone like Reese Witherspoon.

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