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Give your man some (hair) style

Men pride themselves on needing as little grooming as possible. We giggle and know better. Is your man finally ready to add some style to his routine? We ask the experts and list some of the hottest summer hair trends for men.

man with spikey hair

Hey, Shaggy

The medium-length shag is all the rage right now with the 20-something crowd, says Remington style expert Jay Anthony Valadez. Although very trendy and cool for the hipster at night, this medium-length shag done right cleans up well for a day at the office.

Long and Groomed

Long hair is making a strong comeback for men, says celebrity stylist Philip Pelusi. The hair is groomed away from the face and most often with a side or no part. It is also almost slicked back but not too tight to the scalp. To create this look at home, apply a grooming product when the hair is wet and allow it to air-dry. The hair is longer all over, with the length of back touching the top of his shirt collar.

groomed and sophisticated

This is more a modern-day version of Carey Grant, Pelusi says. It’s short and neat around the entire hairline and area below the round of the head, then gradually longer toward the top of the head, with the longest pieces approximately 1 to 1-1/2 inches in length. Hair is parted on the side neatly — fuller on top as it is pushed over to the side. The result: Your man is very grown up and masculine. Or, at least, his hair is.

Cropped and Spiky

The length is short and tight around the back and sides of the hair and over the ears. The top is more like a piecey, jagged crew cut but with loads of style — kind of like Top Gun revived. Don’t be too stuck on the rules; it’s allowed to stick up and look somewhat rebellious. This look works well with straighter hair textures, Pelusi says.The finish on the hair is firm but flexible, never stiff or gel like. After the hair has been towel dried, a small amount of the product should be applied before hair is parted and pushed back into place.

Don’t overdo it

Short styles will forever be the choice of many with thinning hair, Valdez says. Somewhere along the line, the buzz look became stylish, and it is no longer considered an old, outdated look.

Creative Color

Not just for women anymore, color and/or highlights done right on a messy short cut look great and create a very youthful look for summer.

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