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10 Easy ways to dress up a tank top

Stay cool and stylish by topping off your average summer tank top with these zippy, fun accessories and fashion staples. Don’t worry — there’s no need to splurge or allot extra time for putting your outfit together in the morning. Dressing up your tank top is easy with these 10 wardrobe additions.

leopard scard, blue vest, and metallic belt worn to dress up a tank top


Long or short, adding a scarf to a plain tank will add instant style to your look. Above, Mel B opts for a fun leopard print scarf that works perfect with a plain, causual tank. A scarf like this, with an eye-catching pattern, automatically makes your look more interesting. The style trick here is to avoid anything too wintery. Go for light fabrics, fun colors and summery patterns.

Stock up on any cute scarves you spot on clearance during the spring and summer seasons. Come fall, there are loads of fashion forward ways to wear a scarf and you’ll be happy to have the collection.

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A men’s vest can lend an edgy look to a plain tank while a leather vest will add a touch of chic to your night out. Leave it open, or button up — really the vest will do all the talking. Above,  fashionista Gwen Stefani throws a casual blue vest over a simple black tank for an edgy look. She completes the ensemble with matching sunglasses that have Gwen’s style written all over them.


Bold belts are a go-to wardrobe item. A black leather belt over a tank will cinch your waist in the daylight hours, while a patent leather version will pretty up your evening look. Experiment with studded belts or wide, colorful versions, that will go well with white or black tanks.

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