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Got Allergies? These Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds Are Your New Best Friends

8. Basenji

Image: kanonn/Flickr

No, not Benji from the movies, but even better. These pups don’t shed or bark, they have very little dander, and they’re darling, so they’re a great choice. They do sometimes make an odd yodeling noise, and they can be hard to train (like most hounds). But this stubborn demeanor comes packed with a lot of lovable personality.

I don’t recommend getting a basenji if you live in tight quarters, as he’s pretty active indoors, but it’s great if you have a large apartment conducive to activity or a backyard. He may be only as big as 17 inches and 26 pounds, but it’s not a good idea to trust him around non-canine animals or kids who aren’t well versed in showing dogs they’re the alpha.

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