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Got Allergies? These Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds Are Your New Best Friends

5. Shih tzu

Shih tzu
Image: Beverley Goodwin/Flickr

Despite those long, silky locks, this breed sheds very lightly. Although they need a lot of grooming, they are affectionate, kind and easygoing. But be wary: Shih tzus tend to become jealous of babies and toddlers, so protect your other little loved ones from their insecurity. Even though they’re only up to 11 inches and 16 pounds, they may not be the best fit for families with small kids who don’t know how to act around dogs (or if your dog isn’t properly obedience-trained).

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These pups are also prone to a host of health problems that can add to the amount of maintenance they require (especially as they get older), but if you’re like many dog lovers, showering your baby with affection is your favorite hobby anyway, right?

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