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Got Allergies? These Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds Are Your New Best Friends

There’s a lot of things that are horrible about having allergies. The sneezing, the sniffles and the burning all suck big time — but the cherry on top of our red little noses is the fact that it’s hard to let pets into our lives. The good news is, though it’s hard, it’s not impossible.

Around 50 million Americans suffer from nasal allergies, according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. That’s 50 million of us who have to cut out some of life’s luxuries to keep our health in check — but that doesn’t mean we all have to avoid adopting a dog. There are so many breeds that are low-dander, making them the perfect companion for allergy sufferers.

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Please note: These dogs are known to be allergy-friendly, but that doesn’t mean they still can’t trigger a reaction.

1. Bichon frise

Bichon frise
Image: AL_HikesAZ/Flickr

Don’t let the puffy coat fool you. These little marshmallows are jolly, easy to train and don’t shed. The bichon frise is great for a family wanting a small, cheerful dog as an easygoing companion.

Perfect for apartments, they tend to max out at a petite 12 inches tall and weigh only 7 to 12 pounds but can generally get plenty of exercise indoors. They also live a very long life, at 15 or more years.

Next Up: Schnauzer

Originally published March 2016. Updated June 2017.

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