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7 Beach hair looks that never fail

2. Wavy and free

Wavy and free

Image: Lia Toby/

This is the perfect look if you have naturally wavy hair. “It’s great because the humidity is bringing out the natural wave and curl,” Garrison says. Create this look by scrunching your hair after washing, applying a protective styling gel, such as Phyto Plage Protective Styling Gel, $26, and then letting it air-dry on its own without touching it.

“You want the curls to set into place and take on their form as they dry,” he says. “If you touch it as it’s drying, it will result in frizzies.”

For gals with long, straight hair, get this sexy, wavy look by creating a side part and pulling damp hair back into a low bun. “Then, let that dry and when you take it down you will have that automatic wave formation,” Garrison says. “The bun is going to give that undulation, that wave you see.” If you have wavy hair, simply part your hair on the side and pull it back in a headband. Then, let the hair dry.

“When you take it out you will have that wave,” he says.

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