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10 Hot beach bag must-haves

Besides long days of relaxation, summer brings us a bevy of fun products. Before you plan your day at the beach, take a peek at 10 of this summer’s hottest new beach bag must-haves (like a clever new brush on sunscreen powder – ingenious!). Don’t waste a second of beach time trying to navigate the sea of new products this summer. Throw some, or all, of these 10 must-haves in your bag and hit the sand.

Nimli handbags, beach bag essentials, beach bag must-haves

1. Fair trade beach bag

Let’s start with the bag itself. Nimli offers a wide range of natural, organic and sustainable products, including this eye-catching bag. The Ile St. Marie bag by Mad Imports ($82) features colorful woven seagrass and a carved wood handle. It’s chic, beautiful and green. SheKnows readers can use the coupon code SheKnows to get 10% off your Nimli purchase in the month of June!

2. Smart water bottlesmart water bobbles, beach bag essentials, beach bag must-haves

A day at the beach without water can be downright miserable. Rather than pack dreaded disposable bottles, consider grabbing a Water Bobble ($9.95). They come in different colors and sizes and the built-in filter allows you to fill up from the faucet or fountain. You can refill the bottle 300 times with each filter! Have great tasting, clean water in moments, and reduce your waste at the same time.


3. Waterproof your stuff

When you visit the beach or pool, do you think twice about taking a dip if nobody’s there to watch your stuff? Fear no more. The Aquapac Pro Sports Waterproof Case ($45) will keep your stash safe and dry. It can be worn around your thigh or arm.

doterra oils, beach bag essentials, beach bag must-haves

4. Keep cravings at bay

Nothing ruins a day in the sun like a growling belly or, worse, a screaming craving for ice cream. Doterra’s Slim & Sassy ($32.67) is a blend of therapeutic grade essential oils designed to help control hunger, ease your tummy and lift your spirits. Eight drops in your water bottle will do the trick. Grapefruit, lemon, peppermint, ginger, and cinnamon oils will leave you wanting more…water that is.


beach bag essentials, beach bag must-haves, Guardian Case from M-Edge

5. Protect your e-book

Reading and the beach (or pool) just fit together, don’t they? Your e-readers won’t take kindly to exuberant splashes and specks of sand. Protect yours with the Guardian Case from M-Edge ($79.99). This case will protect your Kindle even under water (you can read in the tub or the ocean!) and it floats too.


6. Guard your skin

Yes, sun screen in a no-brainer, but this mineral powder super-protector is truly unique. Colorescience just launched its new SPF 50 Sunforgettable brush-on sun screen ($60). This formula is waterproof, won’t rub off or sting and it’s perfect for adults and children six months and older. Though it probably costs a bit more than your traditional sun screen, this tube lasts for a ridiculous amount of time.

Decleor Slim Effect Massage Balm

7. Slim down

While refreshing messages of self-acceptance are catching on, you still want to be the best version of yourself this summer. Decleor Slim Effect Massage Balm ($54) helps improve skin tone, sculpts body contours and minimizes the look of cellulite. A blend of lemongrass, geranium and rosemary essential oils is a treat for the senses.


8. Cool off

Hot summer days and long summer nights can leave your legs feeling tired. Rejuvenate with L’Occitane’s Cooling Mousse for Legs ($25). The fluffy mousse turns into a cooling treat for your hard-working gams. Essential oil of cypress works to reduce swelling and promotes healthy circulation.

Satin Sugar Hair & Body Refreshing Powder by Cake

9. Love your tresses

Does the summer heat leave your hair greasy and limp? Sprinkle on some Satin Sugar Hair & Body Refreshing Powder by Cake ($16) to bring it back to life. This talc-free powder absorbs excess oil, leaving your hair feeling soft and looking polished (and smelling yummy!). It can be used on your body too.



10. Feed your face

Sun, salt water, chlorine and heat can lead to tight, dehydrated skin. Caudalie’s Beauty Elixir to Go ($16) is a toner and serum in one. Give your skin a refreshing boost without disturbing your make-up. The small bottle is ideal for a quick mist on the go. Try keeping it in the refrigerator for an extra burst of cool.

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