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The best outdoor furniture bargains

As the weather warms, your thoughts naturally turn to gardens, patios, and lots of family time spent outdoors relaxing. However, sometimes that attractive 5-piece patio table set you long for can be unaffordable. Not to worry, there are bargains to be found in outdoor furniture if you know where to look! Here are the best ways to get budget-friendly outdoor furniture.

Woman at garage sale


Garage sales

Some of the best places to look for outdoor furniture bargains are garage and rummage sales. Often you’ll pay pennies on the dollar for great looking furniture that people are simply replacing, and all it may need is a coat of paint or sealant, if that. Of course, you’ll have be an early riser to get the great deals, but the rewards of outdoor relaxation will be worth it. Moving sales are another great source of outdoor furniture at big savings.


Thrift shops

Used furniture stores and thrift shops might not have the biggest selection in outdoor furniture, but their prices are low. Even better, these stores quickly move and replenish merchandise, so if you don’t find your ideal lounge chairs and patio table today, you might find it next week. Be sure to ask your local used furniture and thrift stores when they put new merchandise out. They usually have one or two days a week when they add new donations; get there early on those days.


Consignment stores

Another bargain source for outdoor furniture is consignment stores, particularly the ones that specialize in furniture. If there’s one in your area, get in touch with the owners and let them know you are looking for outdoor furniture. They may have a policy or habit of calling potential buyers when sought after items come into the store.


End-of-season sales

Another way to find bargains is to wait for end of season sales. Many of the larger local outdoor furniture specialists have end of season sales that can significantly save you money. Additionally, check out the big box home improvement stores; they often clear out their remaining stock at low prices, and they’ll usually sell their display models at a steep discount. If you can wait until fall, you can save quite a bit of cash!


Think plastic

Plastic outdoor furniture, which you can find at discount department stores and home improvement stores, is a popular pick because it’s economical and durable. As a bonus, if you can’t find patio furniture in a color that matches your décor, you can simply paint it with a spray paint made specifically to bond to plastic. Plastic furniture can also be dressed up with inexpensive cushions, tablecloths, and umbrellas to make it look more festive and substantial, and it’s far cheaper than other types of outdoor furniture.


Do the sit test

When searching out your bargains, remember to sit on the furniture before you buy. If it seems rickety or unstable, or just doesn’t feel comfortable, don’t buy it. Bargain furniture that isn’t safe or comfy isn’t a bargain at all.

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