5 Secrets of best-dressed moms

Few moms would deny that motherhood is truly the best job on earth. The most fashionable? Not so much. Still, plenty of moms manage to pull themselves together enough to look not just presentable, but downright chic. Busy moms know how easy it is to pull on a comfy sweat suit, but that habit can lead to a fashion dead-end. Apply these style secrets to your wardrobe to elevate your fashion status from drab to best-dressed.

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Befriend a tailor

Moms know that between pregnancies, varied eating habits and crazy schedules, staying the same size can be hard. Furthermore, moms sometimes don’t have the time to find the absolute perfect fit when they shop. Rather than buy new clothes every time the scale moves or ditch a great dress because it doesn’t fit quite right, get yourself to a tailor. Jinjer, a mom of three from Colorado, says, “Don’t be afraid to get your clothes altered. It is worth an extra $20 if you find a pair of pants that fit perfectly except in one place. Fix it and love them forever.”

Find inspiration

Save time creating your wardrobe by taking cues from magazines, street style or even a fashionable friend. Candice, a Florida mom, suggests “mixing a great piece from a higher-end store with a piece from a discount store. Hit the sales armed with some of your favorite looks from magazine or online stores. You can totally recreate the look or focus on a few pieces to update your closet.”

Accessories are key

There’s nothing wrong with keeping a few go-to items within arm’s reach, but shake it up with varying accessories. Ines, a mom from Kentucky, says “It’s key to know when to be comfortable and when to step it up. Even if I’m wearing ripped jeans, I feel ‘put together’ with the right accessories. A great handbag, chic sunglasses, a scarf or earrings can really transform an outfit and make you look like you put forth some effort.”

Support and smooth

Best-dressed moms know that a fabulous outfit begins with undergarments. Panty lines and unsupported breasts can completely deter from your stellar wardrobe. Your panty selection is especially important when you’re wearing fitted skirts or pants without back pockets. Choose a pair that smoothes, rather than draws attention to, the tush. Likewise, Sara, a California mom, says the right bra contributes to an outfit’s overall look. “You really start to notice how important a good bra is after having kids,” she says. A professional bra fitting, available at most lingerie and department stores, is a great way to find the perfect fit.

Find a balance

A mom’s lifestyle demands comfort, but that doesn’t mean frumpy sweats. Shaleen, a mom of two from Colorado, admits that her style sense has changed drastically since she became a mother. “Even though comfort takes precedence, I make a point of adding feminine elements,” she says. “That could be a pair of statement earrings or chunky bracelets. I’ve always had a bit of a Bohemian style, so I remind myself to let that come through in my outfits, especially when I find myself dressing like my husband.”


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